Bluestem Montessori Elementary


What's up at Bluestem?

December 2016 Update

November has been another busy month for us.  I’m pretty sure that all the months will be busy from now on! 

In the fundraising world, I have written already about our exciting December fundraisers, which got set up in November.  We would love to see you come out and support us on December 10 at Barnes and Noble, and Cultiva coffee is waiting of your order!  Also in November we had our Norwex fundraiser - big, BIG shout out to Marissa Olson for putting that together for us!  We had a blast talking about cleaning products and swapping dog stories.  Big thanks to everyone who ordered at the event and online, and big thanks to everyone who bought us items off our wish list!  We are excited to use these products in our work at school - the children will be able to help us keep our space clean without us having to use any chemicals.  With those big windows in our classroom, I am especially excited that someone donated a window cloth to remove little finger prints!

Our biggest November news is that we spent the month collecting resumes for our Lead Teacher position.  We are conducting interviews this month and hope to have our teacher hired by January.  We are so excited for this!  If you know someone who is interested in this job, we would still be happy to hear from them.  Please direct them to our job description here and have them send a resume and two letters of reference to us ASAP.

We have also continued to work on building our Board of Directors.  Tammy Kahle is our newest board member, and we are happy to welcome her to our team!  As a former Assistant at Children’s Circle Montessori, Tammy brings us her expertise and enthusiasm for Montessori education.  She has jumped right in to work on our school, getting involved with fundraisers, strategic planning, and hiring!  Welcome, Tammy!

That’s all for now, guys - so until next time,