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Give to Lincoln Day 2017

Our goal for Give to Lincoln Day 2017 is to raise $1000.  We are already half way towards meeting our goal!  Can you help us?

Today, May 18 2017, is Give to Lincoln Day.  It’s a GREAT day to support Bluestem, because your donations will go even further!  On this day the Lincoln Community Foundation will match all donations with a percentage of a $350,000 fund.  As a brand new start up, we could really use your help!

When you donate to Bluestem Montessori, you help bring Montessori elementary education to Lincoln.  Right now there is no Montessori elementary school in Lincoln.  In fact, there is no private elementary school in Lincoln that is not religiously affiliated.  There are no public alternative schools.  You can bring an alternative to Lincoln that will ensure that no Lincoln child will fall through the cracks in our educational system.

Montessori education is intuitive, moves at the child’s own pace, allows for leadership development through multi-age classrooms, and lets children follow their interests.  Bluestem Montessori students will leave our school with a well-rounded education which includes music, art, yoga, nature exploration, technology, and Spanish.  

We are opening our doors this August.  We have students waiting for our first day.  You can make sure that our classroom is fully furnished with quality Montessori materials when they walk in those doors!  

  • $40 will buy a globe
  • $25 will buy a division board
  • $500 will buy a map set
  • $59 will buy a moveable alphabet
  • $60 will buy a set of chromatic handbells
  • ANY amount will buy consumable goods like paper, pencils, art supplies, and laminating sheets

Please donate today by clicking the link below.

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Sena Bollman