Bluestem Montessori Elementary


What's up at Bluestem?


Holy Macaroni, guys - we did it!  Bluestem Montessori has now been open for two weeks and it has been amazing to watch our students work to forge a community, learn the routines of the classroom, and begin more standard academic work.  This group of 10 kids has formed friendships and learned to help each other.  We are working to build traditions and a classroom culture - we've found a lunch-time thank you song which we sing daily, we meditate every morning and afternoon, we built our rules together, and we come together to brainstorm solutions when there are problems in the community (as there inevitably are and will be).  We have named our class plants and the children are anxiously awaiting the addition of a class pet.  The students ask me when we will start yoga (September!) and cooking (this week!), and we are excited to slowly introduce other elements of our classroom - Spanish, art, music, and technology. education.  

I know that I have been lax on writing blog posts lately.  I am guessing that you can figure out why.  I am hopeful that now that we are open, I will have more structure in my life and be able to update this blog more regularly with news of the school.  Full disclosure, though - I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon, and I have about 20 other things on my "to be done by Monday" list - so I guess we'll just have to see how it goes!  

Until next time (hopefully soon!),