Bluestem Montessori Elementary


What's up at Bluestem?


Hi! I am your new blog editor, Eleanor, a 5th grader here at Bluestem Montessori Elementary school. It has been a long time since Miss Laura wrote the blog, so Upper Elementary is taking over this year. Here’s some things you should know about us:

  • This is supposed to make blog writing more consistent, but I can promise nothing.

  • Younger students will be writing blog entries too, about cool projects  they do.

We have now gotten into our 8th week in the third year, and we have 10 students. This year, we have begun to focus on the environment and forest fires in the Amazon, and de- forestation of world wide forests, and we wrote a letter to the president of the U.S., asking him to try to convince the president of Brazil that the Amazon burning is more important than he is treating it to be. All the students are learning wonderfully this year, and at recess, we pretend to be characters in different video games and defeat enemies. In grammer, we are learning about nouns and articles, and in history, we are putting together a timeline of the Age of Exploration.

Until next time, 


Laura Erickson