Bluestem Montessori Elementary


Help us build our school.

Our daughter is thriving at Bluestem. She looks forward to going to school every morning because she really feels like she belongs to a community, and we can tell she’s developing a life-long love of learning.


By donating you are helping us achieve our two big goals this year.  First, we are rapidly outgrowing our current space and we are hoping to find a space of our own soon.  Second, one of our missions at Bluestem is to provide quality education to all students.  To do this we would like to build up our scholarship fund.

Thank you in advance for supporting the education of our students and believing in our future.

Bluestem has provided such a wonderful atmosphere for my self-motivated daughter, as well as my free-spirited son, to thrive in! They enjoy learning in their own individual ways, and I am so thankful that they are able to learn academics, emotional wellness, and community concepts at Bluestem!

Sponsor a Material

As we are growing our school we are in need of many new classroom materials. We have an Amazon wish list where we have many items that we would like to use in our classroom. You can click the button below to view our wish list. We also have quite a few specialty Montessori materials that we will be using in our classrooms. If you are interested in donating a specialty material, please contact us.

Computers  - Used by the students for programming work and research.

Computers - Used by the students for programming work and research.

Flag Stand  - Used for geography, and social studies.

Flag Stand - Used for geography, and social studies.

Bluestem teaches the whole child, which is exactly what we wanted for our son. They focus on life skills, teamwork, art and core subjects. I’m amazed our first grader is adding and subtracting multi-digit sums!


Bluestem Montessori has a three-phase plan to get set up. 



In AUGUST 2017, we opened our doors!  This required the purchase all of our materials and pay for startup expenses.  



By AUGUST 2021, we will purchase or lease our own space in a central location.  We will raise enough for renovations and our downpayment. 



By AUGUST 2023, we will operate at full capacity of 120 students, and provide generous scholarships to make our school accessible to all families in Lincoln regardless of economic status.

“We love Bluestem! Our son has thrived at school, and we appreciate that he learns with all his senses and has time to focus on work AND play.