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Summer camp registration is now open!

Insect Investigation June 24-28 

Come learn about your favorite creepy crawlies at Bluestem! Did you know insects are the most  successful creatures found on our planet? Learn how they've populated every nook and cranny of  the Earth! Did you know that prehistoric insects were huge? Did you know there still are some  huge insects? Did you know that insects live in Antarctica, and that there are insects that eat  poop?? We'll make our own insect homes, experience the world as insects do, and learn how they  make our world a better (and buggier) place to live.

Pirates on the High Seas - July 15-19

Yo ho!  Travel back in time to the swashbuckling age of pirates!  What was it really like aboard a pirate’s ship? Where did pirates bury their treasure?  We’ll set sail on the seas of our imaginations (and history!) to answer these questions. Design your own flag, go on a treasure hunt, and learn the stories of history’s most feared buccaneers!  

Adventures in Outer Space July 22-26

Space… the final frontier.  Join us on a journey through our galaxy and the stars beyond.  What does it take to be an astronaut, and what does it feel like to be in space?  How far does space go, anyway? What makes a planet (and why isn’t Pluto one)? How much do we know about Mars?  We’ll learn all about our amazing universe. Explore constellations, design an alien world, and build your own rocket!  


A different kind of school

Bluestem's mission is to foster creativity, independence, and ingenuity by providing a child-centric learning environment, hands-on activities, and integration with the community.

Our planned central location will allow children to learn about and experience their city. Our commitment to the environment and nature will teach children to love and protect their world.

Bluestem is educating our students to cherish community, value peace, chase their passions, and make a difference in their world. With the help of the Lincoln community, we will soon offer generous scholarships to make this wonderful educational opportunity available to all.

A different way to learn

It’s about creating an environment where children teach themselves and each other.

The Montessori Method was developed over 100 years ago by Maria Montessori, and is used in classrooms all over the world. Children learn in a space overseen and curated by the instructor. They have the freedom and responsibility to choose their own work and move at their own pace. The children master concepts by selecting work which is interesting to them and focusing on it for long uninterrupted blocks of time. When they are ready, they pass on their knowledge to others in their multi-age classroom community.

There is much more information about Montessori on the web. One great resource is the American Montessori Society website.


Help us build our school

Bluestem Montessori strives to be affordable, accessible, and central.  Our goal is to make Montessori education available to all Lincoln families.  Our long-term goal is to not turn any child away based on financial need.  To do this, we will build a strong scholarship fund through community donations.

We are also working to build our moving fund so that we can open a permanent central location in the near future.  We are rapidly outgrowing our wonderful temporary space and hope to move to a permanent central location in the next couple of years!  




Unitarian Church
6300 A St
Lincoln, NE 68510

We are currently renting two wonderful rooms from the Unitarian Church. We expect to raise funds and move into a permanent space closer to downtown Lincoln in the next year or two.

(402) 735-0987



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