Bluestem Montessori Elementary


What parents are saying about us.


“I could not imagine my son attending any other school! I love the community aspect of the smaller school setting and getting a chance to be more involved with the school and the other families. I'm excited to see this school grow along with our children!

I didn't know much about Montessori education until I did some research and then toured the school. I absolutely fell in love as soon as I walked in the door during my first tour. The teacher was sitting on a rug with a few students working on math, while a few others were in bean bag chairs reading their own books and some were inspecting really cool rocks in the science area that they were eager to show me. Definitely a different educational approach, and one that I hope to see more schools adopting. I believe it is very beneficial to the way that children learn.”

“When my son started public school, he had a hard time reading.  The teachers weren't able to give him the time to really focus because they have pretty rigid schedules and guidelines.  He ended up missing recess multiple times per week, stuck inside making up for his slower pace.  Can you imagine no recess for a kid?  We heard about Bluestem and looked into the Montessori method, not just being taught at but working with a child to engage in learning.  This is his second year at the school and the difference is night and day.  He's happier, loves going to school, and has asked to read to me at bed time.  I love Bluestem and what they've done for my son.” 



"We love Bluestem! Our son has thrived at school, and we appreciate that he learns with all his senses and has time to focus on work AND play."

"Bluestem teaches the whole child, which is exactly what we wanted for our son. They focus on life skills, teamwork, art and core subjects. I'm amazed our first grader is adding and subtracting multi-digit sums!"


"The Montessori philosophy most closely matches how we live and work at play at home, so it makes sense we're investing in that for our son's school experience. We've been thrilled with his learning opportunity at Bluestem."


“Bluestem has provided such a wonderful atmosphere for my self-motivated daughter, as well as my free-spirited son, to thrive in!  They enjoy learning in their own individual ways, and I am so thankful that they are able to learn academics, emotional wellness, and community concepts at Bluestem!” 


"Our daughter is thriving at Bluestem.  She looks forward to going to school every morning because she really feels like she belongs to a community, and we can tell she's developing a life-long love of learning. "


“Our family loves Bluestem Montessori Elementary school!  The teachers and staff are wonderful, caring people.  Everyone is invested in seeing the kids succeed.  They really engage children in learning, working with kids where they struggle and polishing the skills where they excel.  Bluestem isn't like your typical school.  They focus on developing well rounded people, not just academics.  The school teaches manners, respect, and community.”